Animation guide

Knowing the animation and the attack cycle is the key to successful blocking. The wurm has several animations:

Many of these animations are present at Great Jungle Wurm at Caledon Forest.

Husk spit

Spawn 3 husks, one per direction

Cooldown: 100s for Crimson/Amber, 90s for Cobalt

The animation you should be on the watch are husk and egg spits. They use the same animation, but has varying cooldown. With this difference in cooldown, a cycle can be derived:

  1. Start with 2 large spins
  2. Spit twice in a row
  3. Small spin
  4. Large spin
  5. A few more alternating spin/idle
  6. Egg spit
  7. Large spin
  8. Small spin
  9. A few more spins, then repeat from 2
    1-2 spins could be added between the two spits on the repeating cycle, but never on the starting cycle

Note that once both husks and eggs are off cooldown, it can use both skill in any order.

The wurm does not operate on a cycle, rather the cycle is a simplification of the cooldown. If animation outside of the cycle (eg. burn phase, eating the zerg) happen the cycle could be inaccurate.

This video demonstrate a blocking attempt at Crimson. A husk and eggs cooldown timer is provided, but should be disabled to simulate in game attempt.

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