Triple Trouble Blocking Guide

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A Focus is required. Usually paired with Dagger for (Earth Skill 2), another reflect, but is not really used here.

If you don't already have one you don't need to get an exotic, as we are looking for invulnerability here and not damage. You can use the trading post at Marshwatch Haven.



Here's the list of specialization you should be running. The major focus here is to reduce cooldown for Earth and Air attunement.

The Tempest line is optional. The main use here is from . If you don't have it you can use any other lines.

Click on a trait to view its explaination

Step 1

When the wurm spawn it will spin twice before starts

  • Amber will eat the abomination in between the spins

Very rarely, it will spin only once before it starts.

Step 2

Position yourself at this spot. You should be right below rock to the left, and one step to the right of it.

  • The model of all 3 wurms are the same.
  • Amber has a bush that you can also use as a reference.
The spot is also one of its hitbox. You can hit it with air autoattack and see where's the damage show up.

The reference screenshots is captured with low graphics. On higher graphics the internal may look different.

Step 3

When the wurm is about to spit (animation guide), use an invulnerability skill.

The skill should be pressed closer to the actual spit (usually when the head is going down) to be able to cover all 3, as the skills has very short duration

The wurm may spit back to back, so if you have to use Magnetic Shield casting it beforehand could be useful.

Step 4

The game will show 3 Invulnerable messages, one per direction if you have blocked husks. If there are 9, you have blocked eggs.

Since husk has longer cooldown, you can use (Air 4) to block eggs if you know it will be eggs. It is safer, as it does not requires precise positioning. However, with its long cast time it should be casted immediately after the spit animation start.

Other tips

  • Only one person will get Invulnerable message. If you're doing it as a group and you get no message, you should be using another invulnerability skill on the second spit if it is spitting back to back.
  • (Magnetic Shield 2) block one attack, which can be used to block spins. Keep in mind though that if something attack you during the block it will be blocked instead of the spin.
  • Magnetic Shield autoattack chain has a charging attack which cause you to lose positioning. If you're holding it during burn phase, it is better not to burn at all
  • and Take Root (Sylvari racial elite) can be used to block spits caused by small spins. When used this way you will see a lot of Invulnerable message.
  • (Earth Focus 4) clears two conditions. It also can be used to reflect two set of eggs.
This guide is based on Ventaurion's SoloEleBlock guide.